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In almost every area of your life, you’ve got your sh*t together. You feel like you have got it all figured out except in your love life. You start dating again and the results are the same.

The confident, self-aware woman that you know in all other realms of life disappears, and suddenly you become an anxious, uncertain, and your unconscious fears sabotage your ability to be vulnerable and open to love. 

The breakthrough in love Program

 Being truly happy and fulfilled in love is within your reach. Are you ready for a new journey?

Dating doesn't seem fun anymore because as soon as you meet someone your insecurities show up and you're constantly wondering if you're doing the right thing and if he's even into you.
And when you finally do get into a relationship, it’s with a man that doesn’t seem to know what he wants which adds even more confusion. 

Somewhere along the dating experiences, you most likely have picked up baggage that you have yet to put down.

Heartbreaks, jerks, past trauma, and things out of your control that have caused you to create stories, limiting beliefs (sometimes from an early age) and fears. It's time to break out this frustrating cycle you have been in. 

You are ready to understand your Love Blueprint, stop feeling constant anxiety while dating, and attract a great relationship that feels secure and amazing.

You are ready to have your confidence back.

You are ready for love that is aligned with you desire. 

You are ready to get to the bottom of what is keeping you from meeting the man you actually want to be with!

Will I ever find love?

Let’s uncover what is taking the joy and fun out of dating.
Remove the doubt, anxiety, & over-thinking.  

Let’s figure it all out...then let’s change it.

It's time do the inner work, and have a breakthrough in love.

It means becoming the woman who knows her worth and will not settle, thus finding the man who treats her like the Queen she is.

What does that mean?

“I would recommend anyone to work with Nicole, she is absolutely amazing at what she does. Totally Gifted. I owe her a lot for where I am now.”

Paige has changed the way she looks at men and is now excited about dating

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“My dating experience and entire relationship is completely different to anything else I’ve ever had and I totally owe it all to Nicole and the coaching work we’ve done together. Working on those limiting beliefs and really acknowledging that I deserve everything that I want from a relationship. And I can honestly tell you that I have everything that I have ever wanted and more in this loving relationship.”

Danica went from questioning her life and purpose, to finding the loving relationship she had always dreamed of.

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I told myself that true love just wasn’t in the cards for me.

After a particularly bad breakup with a man I had convinced myself was “the one,” I laid in bed for weeks telling myself that was it, I would never find love again. All my friends were engaged or getting married, and there I was, single again. There must be something wrong with me.
It was at that moment that I decided to embark on a journey of understanding, to get know myself and men better.

Throughout my quest of self-love and acceptance, I uncovered a unique method of recognizing and releasing my own limiting beliefs, as well as deeper understanding of how men operate in dating and relationships and discovered how to be irresistible to them. 

You feel like real lasting love won't happen for you.


I have helped hundreds of other women who were feeling just like you transform their love life from the inside out. 


"Nicole changed my perspective on dating and relationships."

When I first met Nicole, I was confused and frustrated with dating. I couldn’t understand why my date prospects were so minimal and it felt like dating was a horrible experience to go through rather than the fun and hopeful experience it had been in the past. I had written a list of the type of man that would be my dream. Four weeks into the program I met him and we have the most fulfilling relationship I have ever had.

— L. found her perfect man after 4 weeks

Ready to take your dating life to the next level? Ready to experience the real deal when it comes to love?

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"Nicole's positive energy ignited me and started my journey back to finding myself."

Nicole is so easy to talk to; just like talking to your best friend or sister. I felt very at ease. She asked those probing questions to get beyond the surface feelings. I actually had "homework" that engaged my mind and had me focus on what really mattered. I loved that! I'm still a work in progress but Nicole has lead me out of my dark place and has helped me to see the value of being my true self and best of all…Own My Power.

— J. is owning her power

Completely change the way you see yourself (hello confidence and self-worth) and thus change your standard for the kind of men you will date

Understand your Love Style and learn to shift from overthinking, feeling anxious, and self-compromise to feeling sexy, empowered, and whole - man or no man (this helps you feel less clingy and needy) 

Uncover your conscious and unconscious thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that are sabotaging your love life. 

Establish thoughts, habits, and patterns that guide you into a relationship where you feel safe, supported, adored, and free to be your authentic self with a man you desire

Understand the psychology of men to create powerful chemistry and attraction that leads to commitment. 

Heal from your past hurts and heartbreaks and embrace patterns of self-love and self-forgiveness 

Awaken your sensuality, boost your feminine energy and increase your self-confidence and value within yourself 

Let's Make it happen!      

Join me in this 1-1 coaching experience to transform your love life and attract the relationship you've always wanted

have a breakthrough in your love life

"Nicole taught me strategies to feel more confident in dealing challenging situations."

Nicole helped me recognize the untrue conscious and unconscious stories I was telling myself that were causing me grief and remaining stuck. She taught me strategies to overcome my limiting beliefs and to feel more confident in dealing with challenging situations. I'm able to identify how I feel and what I need both from myself and others. This has helped me disregard the chatter and be more focused more on what matters to me. 

— M. FEELS CONFIDENT & empowered

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