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Single to in Love in 90 Days

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The modern dating scene is confusing, now more so than ever. Some love and relationship advice state that playing games, using scripts, and changing who you are as a person is required to find your soulmate. 

But let’s be honest...these things only leave you feeling inauthentic, empty and alone.

Why is dating and meeting the right guy so challenging?

I share a sustainable method that not only will allow you to be your authentic self, but will also help you embody your feminine essence, feel confident when relating to men, and empowered to express your boundaries and desires.

Believe that you are worthy of happiness and love without having to sacrifice yourself or settle for what you don’t deserve. 

It’s time to meet a man who will adore & cherish you without sacrificing yourself or settling.



"I just don't understand men!" - I have heard this from a LOT of women. Take the guesswork out of understanding men with this free guide today. 

Men Wish You Knew This


You go on date after date and put on a happy face, but deep inside you’re exhausted by it all and you just want to find the one

You play the supportive best friend but you’re secretly envious of all girlfriends getting married when you continue to meet emotionally unavailable men

You’re recently divorced or out of long-term relationship and you feel completely overwhelmed by the current dating scene

You have no idea what you’re doing when it comes to online dating 

Your first dates to seem to go really well, BUT a second date just never materializes

You’ve been on a few really great dates and think you have a good connection, when suddenly he stops texting and calling 

You struggle to communicate what you want in fear he’ll be annoyed and leave

You feel like you’re sitting on the sidelines while everyone else gets their happily ever after. Sometimes you feel like just giving up on love altogether

Is Single to in Love in 90-Days right for you?

Do you relate?

I'm ready for real love!      

One failed relationship after another, I grew to believe that love wasn’t in the cards for me, especially if I continued seeking men’s approval, love, and validation instead of taking care of myself. While lying on my bed in tears after yet another heartbreak, I decided I had to get honest with myself. I had to dive into truly loving myself and learn to understand how men work, what they want, and how to find real love.

I was SURE I could crack the code. I KNEW I could figure out the secret to why I wasn’t succeeding when it came to relationships. 

After countless books, courses and years of inner work and self-discovery, I DID IT! When I was finally at peace with myself and love, I met my fiance on an escalator.

You don't have to suffer like I did. I created this program for all women, to share my knowledge so women  can quickly learn what it takes to attract the man of their dreams. 

I  don’t want you to go through the years of suffering I did. 

I've been where you are

Not playing games, nor settling for less, and finally finding a relationship that brings your life meaning and joy

Just imagine...

Feeling confident, sexy, and free - flirting comes naturally to you and you feel in touch with all your desires

Your self-worth is stronger than ever and because of that, men are pursuing you

Living with your true purpose by creating a life  that honors who you were created to be 

Finally finding the secret to attracting a man who loves and adores you for who you are

Single to in Love in 90-Days is a three month online program for women who are ready to transform their dating life from the inside out.
With my support, you'll discover how to embody your femininity, feel empowered when relating to men, and learn practical relationship skills.

Through unique techniques and tools, you will tap into your deepest desires, release past hurt, and open yourself up to new possibilities you never imagined for finding - and being in - love, all without having to sacrifice or settle for what you don’t deserve. 
Best of all, there’s a community of kindred soul sisters ready to cheerlead, support, and love you to bits.

The Single to in Love in 90-Days Experience

Learn how to adore and cherish yourself first so that you become irresistible and in-alignment with the relationship you truly desire.

So How does it work?

Book a complimentary "Let's Talk Love" call to discuss your dating and relationship goals. 

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Build a solid foundation of self-worth and self-esteem to believe that what desire is possible for you.

Boost your self-love and confidence so you can start attracting healthy stable, commitment ready men 

Understand your Attachment Style and the impact it has on your relationships and how to cultivate a secure attachment that leads to lasting committed love

Be able to finally forgive and let of go of your previous relationships and exes 

Identify, release and heal limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that keep you from attracting the right man 

Re-write Your Love Story

month 1


Understand the psychology of men to create powerful chemistry and attraction that leads men to pursue you

Awaken your sensuality, boost your sex appeal, and increase your self-esteem to feel comfortable in your body and flirt with ease and grace

Start trusting your intuition so you can stop over-analyzing and make great decisions in your life and relationships

Transform the relationship you have with yourself and have confidence to become your most authentic, irresistible self

Have the right energy that attracts Quality Men everywhere you go

Become Irresistible

month 2


Avoid unnecessary heartbreak by recognizing the five types of men not to date

Uncover the secrets to create chemistry and a connection, both on and offline

Decode the male mind and gain perspective into men’s perplexing behaviours

Gain confidence to voice your opinion and communicate your needs and boundaries

Understand the different stages of dating that leads to a long term committed relationship and how to create a deep bond at each stage

Let Love In

month 3

3 group coaching calls per month with live Q&A to teach you exactly how to manifest and master loving, fulfilling relationships

live coaching


PDF Personal Journal & "Love Homework" worksheets and handouts to help you go deeper


Custom exercises, activities designed to help you navigate the dating scene, men, and a new relationship

action plan

A Personalized Dating Action Plan PLUS create an Online Profile that stands out so you have a plan to implement for faster results

Facebook Group

Access to Authentic Love Mastery - a private Facebook group where you'll bond with other like-minded women who are on the same journey.


Intuitive insights to coach and guide on what you need and what's holding you back

What's Included:


Feel deeply supported throughout the process with a community of like-minded women

clarity on past relationships

We’ll do a deep dive into the men in your life, your previous relationships and you so you can gain clarity and understand yourself better 


September 24, 2019

next start date

This is for you if...

You’re open to learn new tools and techniques to meeting and engaging with men

You want a happy, healthy relationship and you’re ready to break through what’s getting in the way and change your patterns

You’re ready to stop dating emotionally unavailable men and having dates that don’t lead anywhere

You’re ready to invest in your happiness and love life

You’re open to understanding yourself and men better

You’re ready to meet conscious men who are ready for a commitment 

You’re ready to enjoy a lifelong partnership with a conscious man

Let's make it happen     

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Empowered Women

"                                             "

"Absolutely rocking workshops! Even for women in relationships because there's so much Nicole touches on that can help you keep your current relationship HOT! It’s all VERY practical! More than anything though, what she teaches allows us as women to stay empowered because its all with integrity (something that is hard to find). I highly recommend it!"

What she teaches allows us as women to stay empowered because its all with integrity


"Quite honestly wasn't expecting much from the program. I mean absolutely NO offence to Nicole, because I didn't know her or of her at all! I was totally wrong! It is absolutely worth your time. And it absolutely was worth my time and more. I've been able to reflect on my past patterns and behaviours and apply Nicole's tried-and-true advice to my current dating scene. And it's working. I'm more open to chance interactions with men "in the wild", I'm less willing to compromise myself to please a man, I feel better able to navigate the dating-to-relationship stage and I'm just more in the moment and enjoying it. So, thank you Nicole!"

Able to reflect on my past patterns and behaviours and apply Nicole's tried-and-true advice


"When I first met Nicole, I was confused and frustrated with dating. I couldn’t understand why my date prospects were so minimal and it felt like dating was a horrible experience to go through rather than the fun and hopeful experience it had been in the past. I had written a list of the type of man that would be my dream. Four weeks into the program I met him and we have the most fulfilling relationship I have ever had."

Nicole knows how to get you living and being your best self.


"Thank you Nicole for the awesome program that just finished last night! You are so great and all the info you are providing is fantastic. Really makes me change my thought and approach to surviving the ever so difficult but what fun too dating world!!!. Thanks so much and highly suggest for anybody who hasn’t taken part in any of Nicole’s workshops or programs to do so!! Thanks Nicole, you’re awesome."

You are so great and all the info you are providing is fantastic.


"If you do the work in this program, you can't come out on the other side without feeling more confident and hopeful for your future relationships. Nicole is a master at helping you navigate what is holding you back (or the world from approaching you) and working through that. Whatever your relationship history and where ever you want it to be, this is the place to start you on that journey."

Nicole is a master at helping you navigate what is holding you back.


“I have learned what I have been doing wrong in relationships. I have discovered so much about my roadblocks and what has shaped my dating life. Nicole, you have changed my life! Thank you!!” 

 I have discovered so much about my roadblocks and what has shaped my dating life.


Ready to change your love life?

Learn the ins and outs to attract and sustain a relationship where you feel adored and cherished without having to sacrifice yourself or settle for less than you deserve.

Let's make it happen!    

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Whether you are just starting your journey to find love, have been dating unsuccessfully for years, or have the desire to spark the passion in your relationship, I use my 20 years of counselling and coaching experience, to ignite an inner transformation within yourself so you can fully embody your femininity, confidence and belief that you're worthy of happiness and love.

My advice and counsel has been featured on Global BC Morning News, and the CKNW the Sex Show, in addition to numerous speaking events and conferences across Canada and USA.

Discover how to create authentic relationships without having to sacrifice yourself or settle for anything you don’t deserve.

Dating & love coach

I'm Nicole





Are you in a relationship and you're always second-guessing how your man is feeling?

Or maybe there's a guy you really want to be with, but just can't understand his mixed signals?

Are you in a relationship and you're always second-guessing how your man is feeling?

free guide



Download this FREE guide to help you take out the guess-work of understanding men. 

3 Things Men Wish You Knew About Them

Or maybe there's a guy you really want to be with, but just can't understand his mixed signals?

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