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Get insider knowledge on your hidden thoughts, behaviors and superpowers, so you can attract and create the relationship that really works for you.

It's time you found Love.

Does your dating life feel dissatisfying and discouraging, despite making every effort to do something different?

Have you been on a few really great dates and think you have a good connection... when suddenly he stops texting and calling?

Is meeting men easy, but meeting Emotionally Available Men who you are interested seem impossible? 

Are you divorced and feeling completely overwhelmed by the current dating scene?

Is online dating not quite your thing, yet you don’t know where else to meet commitment-ready men?

Do you have negative thoughts and emotions about dating, men, and relationships?

Are you afraid to communicate your needs in a relationship for fear he’ll be annoyed or ghost you?

Do you have one thing that holds you back or keeps you spinning in unhealthy relationship cycles? 

You've tried everything and it has not worked. And you're FINALLY ready to uncover what's getting in the way to attract aligned, lasting love.

You're in the right place

Do you keep trying to date and it's not taking you anywhere?

Maybe the way you show up is not aligned to what you truly want and deserve.

You deserve to be treated like the woman you are

Reignite your confidence, remove your love blocks and find a great man who matches your energy and values.

TAKE Me to the QUIZ          

Love Quiz

Discover your unique Love Personality?

Free Quiz

Get insider knowledge on your hidden thoughts, behaviors and superpowers, so you can attract and create the relationship that really works for you.

"Nicole changed my perspective on dating and relationships"

When I first met Nicole, I was confused and frustrated with dating. I couldn’t understand why my date prospects were so minimal and it felt like dating was a horrible experience to go through rather than the fun and hopeful experience it had been in the past. I had written a list of the type of man that would be my dream. Four weeks into the program I met him and we have the most fulfilling relationship I have ever had.



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“My dating experience and entire relationship is completely different to anything else I’ve ever had and I totally owe it all to Nicole and the coaching work we’ve done together. Working on those limiting beliefs and really acknowledging that I deserve everything that I want from a relationship. And I can honestly tell you that I have everything that I have ever wanted and more in this loving relationship.”

Danica went from questioning her life and purpose, to finding the loving relationship she had always dreamed of.

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Whether you are just starting your journey to find love, have been dating unsuccessfully for years, or have the desire to spark the passion in your relationship, I use my 20 years of counselling and coaching experience, to ignite an inner transformation within yourself so you can fully embody your femininity, confidence and belief that you're worthy of happiness and love.

My advice and counsel has been featured on Global BC Morning News, and the CKNW the Sex Show, in addition to numerous speaking events and conferences across Canada and USA.

Discover how to create a loving and lasting relationship without settling for anything less than you deserve. 

Dating & love coach

I'm Nicole


"I have discovered so much about my roadblocks and what has shaped my dating life"

I have learned what I have been doing wrong in relationships. I have discovered so much about my roadblocks and what has shaped my dating life. Nicole, you have changed my life! Thank you!!


Where you find and keep your true love


The Breakthrough in Love Program is the love revolution that you have been longing for. Dating and finding love is suppose to be FUN sexy, and easy...and that IS possible for you!

You will finally release all the negative emotions and let go the limiting beliefs, allowing you to BREAKTHROUGH into confidence and self-worth. What comes from this? You find the true, lasting and passionate love that you deserve

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You’re not the only woman out there who has success in all areas of her life but in love. And  you’re not the only woman on the other side of a divorce thinking “Where do I go from here?"

MEET: The Lean Into Love Program- a lively, fun, positive group where you will learn how to attract and keep the love you want with the support of a community of like-minded women. 

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Gain valuable insight and tools by watching videos, webinars, or interviews on hot topics relating to dating, understanding men, self-love, relationships and everything in between.

Or come check out live and virtual events that are happening regularly. 

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“I would recommend anyone to work with Nicole, she is absolutely amazing at what she does. Totally Gifted. I owe her a lot for where I am now.”

Paige has changed the way she looks at men and is now excited about dating

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Attracting the right relationship can be challenging but not it’s impossible. In fact, I was once exactly like you.

I felt like real lasting love wouldn't happen for me. I had told myself that true just wasn't in the cards for me.

I had become exhausted and frustrated at my dating experiences and the men I was attracting and worried that I’d never have the relationship I desired. 

Watch the video to discover the path I took to meet my fiance in the most unusual place. 

Check out this short video as I share my personal journey to finding love.

my personal story

My personal struggle with love

Take this 4-minute quiz to discover your foundational beliefs about love and how they drive your actions within dating and relationships.

I'll then provide you with the tools and insight to overcome your challenges to attract & keep the love you want.

Get some insider knowledge on how your Love Personality is affecting your dating and relationship experiences.

By uncovering your hidden thoughts, behaviors and superpowers, you can attract and create a relationship that really works for you.

Trust us, it'll be worth it!.

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What is your unique Love Personality?

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"She helped me see and believe that I am capable of loving again"

Nicole helped me realized my self-worth. Through her caring nature and motivating coaching, she helped me create a new story of my past. She helped me see and believe that I am capable of loving again, that I am deserving off all that my heart desires and wants in a relationship, and that I am worth it! I am now voicing myself more and I am able to see which men are secure enough to hear me and value my opinions. I am now attracting more of the men that I need and want in my life.
Nicole's approach is very meaningful; she is understanding and makes you feel so up-lifted after having sessions with her. 
Thank you Nicole for all the coaching you have provided me. You are my angel! 

— Z. No longer compromises

Ready to Find True Love?

Learn the ins and outs to attract and sustain a relationship where you feel adored and cherished without having to settle for anything less than you deserve.

I want True lasting  Love      

Check out this short video as I share my personal journey to finding love.


Journey to Finding Love



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